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Swimming Pools


At the present time, due to their short period of construction, the PVC Liner swimming pools are mostly preferred worldwide.

The PVC Liner has created a reform in the swimming pool constructions. Due to their attractive pattern designs, resistances to bacteria (anti-bacterial) and formation of algae and fungi , together with their leak-proof properties against pool wall cracks due to their elasticity created a great advantage for the PVC Liners. PVC Liners have been used in more than one million swimming pools in USA. The PVC Liner pools can be constructed according to the inquired dimensions, shapes and depths within very short periods. The PVC Liners are the best economic, dependable and long-therm solutions to retrive the pools having leakage problems.


Since 2005, we have been manufacturing the prefabricated pool body steel panel systems under our management and control. Our design of pool body system is guaranteed for 15 years.


The PVC Liners of our pools are produced by Pegasus-Products / USA, Abgal / AUSTRALIA. Both cmpanies are well - known in their subject activity. More than 25 pattern and borderline options are avilable for the selection of our customers. The liners are anti-bacterial and algae-resisant and delivered to the customers with the 20-year manufacturers’ warranty.


Some advantages of the PVC Liner Pools against the ceramic tile covered ones are as follows:

    • Assembly/erection period is very short. Mosaic tile appearance of the PVC Liner puts away the expenditures of ceramic tile laying and considerably reduces the cost of building swimming pools.

    • Due to the super elastic property of PVC Liners , the PVC Liner pools are resistant to the defomations occured at the sub-soil.

    • The liner cannot be torn away if it is not deliberately be cut by a knife or a similar tool. The liner can easiy be repaired or patched even under water, if it is ripped or torn.

    • Since there are no connection/layout joints as in ceramic tile pools; there is no possibility of algae and bacteria formation during winter shut-down periods. Therefore, the PVC liner is a hygenic material.

    • There are many patterns for the liner. It is possible to apply ceramic or tile border patterns in realistic appearances together with the simple basic colors such as black.

    • It is possible to use the liners to renovate the swimmig pools having crack and leakage problems.

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