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Air Domes

Şişme kapama

Enclose your pool this fall and winter and give your guests the luxury of year round swimming. With a SUPERSPAN DOME on your pool , prospective guests will know that they can enjoy a dip in your pool no matter what the weather is doing outside. When spring comes, you’ll easily remove the dome and your pool will be open to the great outdoors and sunny weather.We custom make each dome to any shape pool.


The side walls are either white or transparent and the ceiling of the dome is prefarably tailored from two colors (white,brown,blue, grey etc.). The dome stands as erected by the air pressure applied to the inside medium by means of the air blowers. After fully filling the dome, the blowers are operated with low capacities just enough to sustain the dome as erected. The domes are resistant to snow loads and side winds blowing at and as severe as 140 km/hr. When the blowers are completely shut down, the dome deflates within 30 minutes.


The dome is fixed to the ground/floor with special steel anchor bolts and hooks having 13mm. diameters. When the dome is deflated and removed during the summer season, the fixing hooks are removed and replaced with stainless steel threaded plugs which are safe for bare-feet walking and do not disturb the view of the pool deck.


The Dome material is a good heat insulator. The inside dome air may be heated if a warm air source (like a radiator or warm air from a neighboring room) is connected to the blower inlets. The ambient air in a sunny day also helps to warm the inside dome atmosphere.


Either zipper or revolving door entrances may be applicable. Also suitable entrances may be applicable for disabled people if required.


The dome system is warranted for 3 years.

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